How do I deal with stress?

I learned to practice on myself something I already knew.

Tuning in.

As a Mom I’m trained in tuning in to the needs of my family. From knowing what foods they’re eating or not eating to noticing and looking for the signs when they need a hug, a place to run or time with friends.

I have an acute tuning system into understanding when they’re hungry after the intense training of having a newborn (twice) who needed to eat every two hours, and then, once in a while on no apparent schedule, they’d cluster feed for forever. My tuning adapts and changes as they change. I expect it now. Currently, with a nine and a five year old I’ve begun to look forward to what might happen next. How are they going to show up today?


How to get more time

There’s never enough time that’s what it feels like.
For me there’s doing things for the kids, setting up a new business, learning marketing, the constant day-to-day of being in the house, cleaning (uggghhkk!) homeschooling or connecting in and supporting extended family and friends. Not to mention time with my partner. My time can get sucked away easily.

So how is it possible to get more time?
I think the true question is how do we choose to give the time we have each day to ourselves, everyday.