How to get more time

There’s never enough time that’s what it feels like.
For me there’s doing things for the kids, setting up a new business, learning marketing, the constant day-to-day of being in the house, cleaning (uggghhkk!) homeschooling or connecting in and supporting extended family and friends. Not to mention time with my partner. My time can get sucked away easily.

So how is it possible to get more time?
I think the true question is how do we choose to give the time we have each day to ourselves, everyday.

It’s a habit not a lot of us have but one that every single one of us strives for. Perhaps that’s really what we want. Moments in our day that are focused on helping ourselves mentally, spiritually, or physically.

What would it be like if we take just a little bit of the time in our day and selfishly we gave it to ourselves? Perhaps one whole minute?
A tiny bitesized step towards a new habit. (Jim Kwik showcases this in an episode with BJ Fogg, author of Tiny Habits)
The key is to do it every day. We could even use the feeling of resentment (when we don’t feel we have enough) as a signal to take a step away and spend a minute just for ourselves.

What we’d have to acknowledge is the unvarnished truth, that when we take time for ourselves we are better humans.
It’s understanding that when we take this time, the time we give to others has deeper meaning and stronger value. We get to show up to those moments with less resentment and much more presence.

The potential is at our fingertips.
We have access to YouTube videos that have 1 minute meditations, or you could just lie down on the floor and do a one minute plank.
My phone has a voice to text app so I don’t even have to bother writing I can just speak into it for one minute about what’s going on in my brain to allow it out and give it space.
(Maybe it’s even the making of a new book, ‘One Minute at a Time’)

What would you give yourself in that one minute?

Many of us need reminding that we only have this one life to live and the time we have is right now.

One of the benefits that we have gotten out of this terrible global pandemic is we’ve been stuck learning this lesson of what do we really want and what can we do right now to meet our needs.
It’s the lesson in front of us, we have the time to learn it.
In fact we keep being given more time to learn it.
So what do you want to do with your time?

What will you do in this one minute?

Right now I’m going to do a 1-minute plank.