How will increasing my confidence help me be a better parent?

Really noticing how we are good a something acknowledges strengths and increases the confidence we naturally have in ourselves. When we feel more confident it translates into how we are around our loved ones.

Highlighting strengths shows your children how to find and acknowledge their excellence too.

  • We want our children to find what they love.
  • We want them to have confidence as they move through life.
  • When children see you understand your strengths and feel confident, they gain confidence too.

Role-modelling is an extremely effective way to parent.

Is this important to do?

Absolutely. Important work can also be easy, fun, only 30 minutes, while holding a warm cup of tea in your hands.

As parents it can be difficult to carve out the time to do the things that make a difference.

That’s where I’d like to come in. It’s why I’ve made the Effortless Excellence mini-session. In 30 minutes we take something you do brilliantly, notice it in a new way and access the confidence that’s already there. And it’s fun to do. It’s a moment to think about yourself in a new way. You’ll have this insight to access again and again.

I’ve done these sessions with all kinds of people.

  • One is excellent at being interviewed. She has a process that once started, she knows what she’ll do every step of the way until the entire thing is over.
  • Another is stunning at writing up feedback during a specific type of meeting. A task he executes effortlessly, with built in checks and balances.
  • Yet another gets into the flow when swimming. Literally.

When each one paid attention to how they do their Effortless Excellence in this session, they gained insight into their innate strengths and accessed their natural confidence.

Reminded of what they do brilliantly, they have new perspective and enhanced confidence.

‘It’s been a great way to discover more about myself,’

‘This tool gave me a big boost of confidence and it’s great to know I can generate that feeling again whenever I need to. ‘

‘It helped me understand my strategy on a conscious level that I didn’t know I had in place. And now, knowing it is there and how it works so effectively I can now apply it to other areas of my life that may not be as smooth.’

Children do what they see.

Seeing a parent who’s naturally confident in what they do well, creates an atmosphere of courage and confidence. The courage to acknowledge our confidence is powerful.

Now, it’s possible you have something you’d rather not draw attention to. Something that you love to do without thinking.

If you’re thinking ‘Why mess with absolute perfection?’ most likely you have more than one thing you’re good at.

Pick something you do brilliantly right now that you’re ok with shining a light on, perhaps it’s dish-washing, walking the dog daily, fantasy football, typing… Noticing HOW it’s done is the key, not the topic itself.

We all do some things without effort, without thinking.

Enhancing it could be exactly what you and your family needs.