Creating the space for change

I’ve learned something important.
Important things usually seem so obvious after I’ve learned them.
Believing in and practicing this has made a significant difference in how I have changed over the last few years.
We have all the tools inside of us for whatever we need in life.
That’s it.
When someone treats us as
Less than
They don’t honor or respect what each and every one of us is capable of.

Sometimes I can get into situations where the other person constantly and consistently assumes I have less tools or capacity.
It can be shown in tiny ways, disguised in a kind inquiry….
‘Did you get any sleep?’
‘I know how hard it is…’
What it has the capacity to do, is tear me down into someone less than IF I allow it.
It can take a while to notice it.
It can look like empathy.
It is not.
I’ve learned that I teach people how to treat me.
But what if you’ve not had a model on how to stand up and accept full equal treatment, respect, acknowledgement of all that you are. What if you are used to begging for scraps, apologizing and diminishing yourself?
I’ve learned that they will CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY step into YOUR light.
I’ve discovered, for me, that it has taken constant and consistent change to shift this.
Small brave bites, that get bigger and build from each of the smaller ones. I’ve found that each BITE shows the person that I am is different and will REMAIN different.
It has effectively created a wave with many ripples.
I also know this.
I can only do MY HALF.
Then it’s time to create the space between.
If they choose to step into it or not, well that’s up to them.
Keep creating that SPACE.
It’s sacred and necessary for change.
It provides the air to breathe and grow.
Truthfully, how dare anyone disrespect your strength? I’m sure you have surmounted much more than this. Lack of thought, lack of notice, lack of seeing, lack of learning, lack of listening, lack of curiosity, IS THEIR LACK. Not yours.
Create the EMPTY SPACE.
They will learn or not learn.
You get to breathe the air.