January – The Invisible Work Month

What if we made January about acknowledging the invisible work that’s done every day? The work that gets noticed when it hasn’t happened but is rarely acknowledged when it is happening. Below is a fraction of the things I could think of that are a part of my parenting and household management. My list is
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How will increasing my confidence help me be a better parent?

Really noticing how we are good a something acknowledges strengths and increases the confidence we naturally have in ourselves. When we feel more confident it translates into how we are around our loved ones. Highlighting strengths shows your children how to find and acknowledge their excellence too. We want our children to find what they
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child crying in front room

What does change look like? or putting my oar in

I’m in the kitchen. I’ve just made a fresh cup of coffee. The kids are in the front room about to do three GoNoodle Just Dance videos to wake up their bodies and get them moving. They do this every morning before we start homeschooling. It wakes up their bodies to wake up their minds.
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10 years a Mom

My firstborn turned ten yesterday.

It hit with a wave of emotions. A total tidal wave. The words haven’t fully come in yet but here goes. Joy, sadness, disbelief, trepidation, awe, fear, relief, hope, wonder. Feelings that have filled my whole self to the tips of my fingers down to my toes.

I have a decade under my belt as a parent. Five years anchored as a parent at home, primary point person for our children and household.

Ten years and I’m in constant learning mode.

Ten years have shown me where my blind spots are and if I’m willing to shine a light on them.

Ten years of giving it my best shot, screwing up, looking for the lesson, creating room to change.

Then beginning again. And again. And AGAIN.


Creating the space for change

I’ve learned something important.
Important things usually seem so obvious after I’ve learned them.
Believing in and practicing this has made a significant difference in how I have changed over the last few years.
We have all the tools inside of us for whatever we need in life.
That’s it.
When someone treats us as
Less than
They don’t honor or respect what each and every one of us is capable of.