A very quick guide to amplify joy

Where do you look for joy? Sometimes it can be in the simplest of places. Last week I was demented with rest and happy to have the energy to be outside. We have all been sick. We got covid like a relay team: first one, then a week later another, then later again the last
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All or Nothing Thinking or the ONLY way to walk

All or Nothing thinking is when you evaluate your life in extreme terms: It’s either perfect or a disaster. You can only do it one way or not at all. It’s distorted thinking and I’ve been known to practice it. I love how I feel once I begin moving so it’s weird to think I
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How to get more time

There’s never enough time that’s what it feels like.
For me there’s doing things for the kids, setting up a new business, learning marketing, the constant day-to-day of being in the house, cleaning (uggghhkk!) homeschooling or connecting in and supporting extended family and friends. Not to mention time with my partner. My time can get sucked away easily.

So how is it possible to get more time?
I think the true question is how do we choose to give the time we have each day to ourselves, everyday.


How did I create momentum?

I wanted to meditate.
Maybe it could bring me peace, change my thinking, make me better?
Problem was, there was never enough time. I had two young kids who weren’t sleepers. It felt like I was clawing back time just to think straight.

I felt like I couldn’t begin, never mind sustain a daily practice.

My mind was often blurry and reactive. I ALSO told myself this story: I have to do it completely right or not at all (a fantastic excuse that I’ve used time and again to stop doing something I want to do)

Nonetheless, I desperately wanted the effects of what meditation might bring. It trains the mind and creates a gap, the gap between reaction and response.

I was becoming an absolutely expert in reacting and I hated it. Response was what I craved.
I’d finally gotten to the point where it was more painful to do nothing than to do something imperfectly.