What type of motivation works for you?

What happens when we lose the signs that told us we were on the right track? Where can parents find it? Motivation is something we all want more of. It can be a tool that spurs us on to greater heights. It also has the power to completely halt our progress if we look for
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10 years a Mom

My firstborn turned ten yesterday.

It hit with a wave of emotions. A total tidal wave. The words haven’t fully come in yet but here goes. Joy, sadness, disbelief, trepidation, awe, fear, relief, hope, wonder. Feelings that have filled my whole self to the tips of my fingers down to my toes.

I have a decade under my belt as a parent. Five years anchored as a parent at home, primary point person for our children and household.

Ten years and I’m in constant learning mode.

Ten years have shown me where my blind spots are and if I’m willing to shine a light on them.

Ten years of giving it my best shot, screwing up, looking for the lesson, creating room to change.

Then beginning again. And again. And AGAIN.