The Final Result

UPDATE ON: Goal setting for six year olds or Gold Trophies and Carol Vorderman.

It happened on Friday.

He made it.

My son’s anticipation was so great he wanted a countdown for when he pushed enter on the final question.

Treats were prepared (a very specific Chocolate Rice Krispie loaf cake), songs were played and we danced about the kitchen in glorious victory. His certificate was printed and additional sparkle was added as promised. The next day he made sure to take the cardboard trophy to his room.

Were there stumbles?


One day he took the handmade reminder down from our eye-line and a whole weekend went by before I remembered as I saw it languishing on the table.

At that point we had no more back up days.

We are already seeing its effects

New reminders were put in place, and extra support from my co-teacher/husband added.

We all became a team, with him, as he took the last steps to reach his goal.

My eldest would go over and encourage him, particularly on the final days.

It’s a goal that enhanced each of us. And a great reminder that we do not have to do things alone.

We are already seeing it’s effects.

Goals ahead

Today my daughter has challenged herself to learn to roller skate and stayed upright walking/skating on the running track nearby. And my son, well, today he learned how to ride his bike, no training wheels.

Both, with big grins upon their faces said ‘I’m doing it! I’m doing it!!’

We’ve found that each success builds confidence towards the next one, whatever the size.

We can see, hear, touch and taste victory.

It’s wonderful.

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